Announcement of the collection about historical materials and works of the school of Information Management


Dear alumni:

In 2022, Nanjing University will celebrate its 120th anniversary and the school of Information Management will celebrate its 100th birthday. Now, the school has launched a collection of historical materials and works for all students and teachers who have studied and worked before.

Solicitation subject and scope

1. Historical data. All kinds of historical materials related to the subject of the school, such as photos, handwriting notes, certificates, examination papers, audio and video recordings, etc.

2. Written work. We sincerely invite you to write something, in order to highlight the discipline and spirit passed on from generation to generation. Whether it is the memory of teachers and students or the memory of campus and study life, please describe or write down your feelings and thoughts and share them with us.

Methods of collection

1. Historical data. After the expert appraisal, our school may adopt three ways to solicit: (1) donates; (2) duplicates; (3) The free deposit. For donors, we will hold a donation ceremony and issue certificates. For duplicators, we will provide free electronic scanning and emulation copies for the owners of historical materials, and we will back up one set for the depositaries, the owner of historical materials has all the right of ownership. The institute shall only keep or display the historical materials deposited. No other unit or individual may consult or use the materials without the consent of the owner.

2. Written work. (1) the number of words is not limited. (2) the topic, the style is self-determined, the form is free, including the close-up, the essay, the poem, the prose and so on. (3) please attach the name, the date of birth, the grade specialty or the working time of the school, the contact information and so on at the end; (4) the school will show its products through media channels such as website columns and wechat public accounts. DEADLINE: May 1,2022.

Contact: 163 Xianlin campus, NJU, Qixia district, Nanjing, Xie Huan, mobile number: 13382045509; Email: Xiehuan@nju.