Institute of Health Informatics


Based on the perspective of the national strategy of 'Healthy China', Institute of Health Informatics in the School of Information Management at Nanjing University aims at promoting national health and improve national happiness, by making up for the research gap of health informatics in Chinese universities and provide theoretical basis for the study of health informatics.

 It Relies on school of information management of Nanjing University, with the advantages of the big data analysis, user information behavior research and other fields, and making full use of modern computer Internet technology and data analysis technology to understand health informatics research.

 The three main aspects of research are as follows

  1.  Healthy Big Data: this part includes healthy big data acquisition, analysis and  application.

  2.  Healthy Information Behavior: this part includes healthy information needs, healthy information searching behaviors, health information dissemination behaviors and health information literacy.

  3.  Senior Smart Care: this part will make policies and standards for the elderly, acquaint their physiological and spiritual needs, and explore a senior smart care model for the elderly in China.

 The director of Institute is Professor Qinghua ZHU.