Inclusive · Rural FinTech Innovation Research Center , Nanjing University


The Research Center (also known as "Sannong Intelligence") is a university level innovation and entrepreneurship research platform officially established by Nanjing University.  

The Research Center, consisting of the Blockchain Lab, the Artificial Intelligence Lab, the Big Data Lab and the FinTech4Good Department, is committed to researching and building the next generation financial, economic and social fundamental infrastructure, system architecture, computing paradigm and innovation incubator platform based on blockchain-supported trusted big data and trusted AI, and promoting the integrated application of blockchain, AI, big data and other cutting-edge technologies in financial innovation and physical economy development, and thus promoting the advancement of human society.  

The executive director of the Research Center, Associate Professor Xiaowei Ding, graduated from Stanford University (Advanced FinTech Lab) with a PhD in Management Science & Engineering(Financial Engineering Track), and a PhD Minor in Statistics, and has practical experience in quantitative finance at Morgan Stanley and Citadel.  

The Research Center is characterized by the synergistic combination of theory and practice, deep integration of Finance and Information Technology, global vision and industry frontier perspective. With Professor Rong Chunming of Norwegian Academy of Engineering acting as the Chief Scientist, the Research Center collaborates with Stanford University and other well-known financial, Internet, blockchain, AI and big data institutions at home and abroad, and has participated in or undertaken a number of frontier projects at national, provincial and ministerial levels and is striving at becoming a high-end research institution with the fusion of research, teaching, innovation incubation and entrepreneurship.  

The Research Center also collaborates with well-known universities, enterprises and institutions at home and abroad to jointly cultivate future talents and elites in blockchain, big data, AI and FinTech. The Research Center and leading FinTech enterprises have jointly built a training practice base, and jointly built a Ministry of Education Joint-Cultivation Course Block chain + AI and Digital FinTech Innovations, and cultivated a number of outstanding students. The members of the research group have won a number of domestic and international competitions and awards.