China Think Tank Research and Evaluation Center , Nanjing University


China Think Tank Research and Evaluation Center at Nanjing University (Abbreviated “CTTREC”), is a key research institution jointly built by the Propaganda Department of the CPC Jiangsu Provincial Committee and Nanjing University, which specializes in think tank research, and the cultivation, assessment, evaluation and administration of human resources. CTTREC has strong power of expert, professor Sun Jianjun, the dean of School of Information Management in Nanjing University and a Yangtze River Scholar, serves as director of CTTREC. Li Gang, professor of School of Information Management in Nanjing University, serves as CTTREC deputy director and CTTREC chief expert. Presently, CTTREC includes 18 full-time and part-time researchers consisting of Yangtze River Scholars and New Century Talents selected by the Ministry of Education, as well as 24 postgraduates. CTTREC team was awarded as Philosophy and Social Science Innovation Team of Universities in Jiangsu in 2020.

CTTREC adheres to the principle of openness, cooperation and sharing, striving to promote the healthy development of construction of new think tanks with Chinese characteristics. The major work of CTTREC can be summarized as “One body, Two wings”. “One body” means the development, maintenance and spread of “China Think Tank Index”(abbreviated “CTTI”), and “Two wings” separately refers to the research and talent cultivation as well as the operation and maintenance of “China Think Tank Administration Forum”. In addition, CTTREC is also the professional institution about think tank third-party assessment. Now it has completed many think tank assessment programs entrusted by Tsinghua University, Jilin University, the Propaganda Department of the Shandong Provincial Committee, the Propaganda Department of the Nanjing Committee and so on.

CTTREC persists in collaborative innovation. Nanjing University has signed the overall strategic cooperative agreement with Guangming Daily and has established a cooperative mechanism for think tank research and evaluation. Also, a comprehensive cooperation has been carried out, centered on the issues including think tank research and evaluation, development of CTTI system and “China Think Tank Administration Forum”. As one of the cooperation platform between CTTREC and Guangming Daily, “Think Tank Culture Series” have planned, edited and published more than 10 key books. CTTREC also founded the “Think Tank: Theory & Practice” with Documentary Information Center, Chinese Academy of Sciences. This journal is the first scholarly journal focusing on think tank research in China.