Archives Development Research Center


Formed in November 2019 in the School of Information Management at Nanjing University, Archives Development Research Center (ADRC), affiliated to Jiangsu Archives Society, mainly focuses on the scientific research, consulting service and personnel training with archives, archival work and archival undertaking as the research objects, fully implementing the party's and state's guidelines and policies on the development of archival undertaking, studying the law of the development of archival undertaking and promoting the transformation and upgrading of archival work. ADRC aims at:

deepening theoretical research,

participating in decision-making argumentation,

developing consulting services, and

training professionals.

The director of ADRC is concurrently served by Wu Jianhua, vice chairman of the Archival Science Teaching Steering Committee under the Ministry of Education, vice chairman of Jiangsu Graduate Education Steering Committee (Management), vice chairman of Jiangsu Archives Society, chairman of Jiangsu Senior Professional Title Review Committee of Archives Series, and professor of School of Information Management of Nanjing University.