Extracurriculum Activities


Extracurriculum Activities

School of Information Management, Nanjing University closely around the fundamental task of “Enhance Morality, Foster Talents”, mainly focusing on the work of talent training, in accordance with the' moral education first, student-oriented, education-oriented, management-oriented' overall thinking, pay attention to the training of students' comprehensive quality. Around the training and professional characteristics, School of Information Management actively carry out a series of colorful second classes, promote students to learn and grow in activities, provide them a good platform to consolidate professional knowledge, cultivate organizational and practical ability, explore personal strength and enhance the interest of disciplines.

Students have a'sense of respect'

(1) Constructing education courses

We dig up the elements of curriculum education, high lighting moral education, curriculum education, scientific research education: in recent years, school set up party courses and league classes more than 20 times, studying new ideas, exploring the development of new era disciplines, and talking about the ideals, responsibility and life combined with the growth of students. We invited the vice-minister of the provincial committee of the delegation, alumnus Dong Yue, to serve as the school's group building instructors and to give the lecture 'New League Constitution, New Youth, New Accomplishments', held a series of activities on 'Let the May Fourth Spirit Illuminate Journey of Rejuvenation' and 'Talk With the Award-winning Alumnus of the ‘The C-100 Leadership Scholarship Program’ Face-to-face', 'Dialogue With Emeritus teachers' etc..

(2) Building aneducating organization

Student organizations pointedly educated in different levels andsub-categories, to build an integrated platform.

The backbone of students participates in the training of the 'FengXinZi(Hyacinth) School' and carries out characteristic practice based on the Charitable Society, Feed-back group.

Strengthen the cohesion of bottom organizations and the management of student party members. Strengthen the education management and set up temporary party branches in cities where most of students clustered in internships. Manage league members in discipline strictly. Regulate branch guidance.

(3) Building a system of education

Strengthen the system construction. School has been formulated nearly 20 sections of the main system such as 'security management' and 'student management', strengthened the student organization media and we-media guidance, explored the 'seven things' management system.

(4) Building a team of educating people

Build an integrated team of teachers and managers, making 'disciplineleaders', 'young teachers', 'counsellor','management teaching aids', ' emeritus teachers', 'school masters alumni',  all kinds of teachers and peer sform a joint effort to educate people. In recent years, full-time teachers have been invited to carry out lectures and academic salonactivities more than 20 times, held social practice activities like the Mid-Autumn Poetry Party (for both teachers and students), Welcome Party, Choral Competition and Sports and Culture Festival every year.Build an extra-curricular dialogue platform for teachers and students to unite them. Help students grow by conducting research activities.

To enhance the students “sense of participation”.

(1) Thematic educational activities. These activities include visits of learn, such as to Jiaxing South Lake to learn the 'Red Boat' spirit, movie 'Amazing China', 'Remembrance of the 200th anniversary of Marx's birth' and other thematic education practices, such as 'The New Era Belongs to Everyone Struggling the Most Beautiful Youth', sweep the martyrs at Yuhuatai in Qingming Day, 'The Beginner's Mind and Glory - the collegehonored emeritus teacher oral history interview', 'Let’s Take a Picture With the National Flag' and so on. We also carried out 'My Youth Keeping Up With NJU', 'Racing Dragon Boat To Welcome National Day', Welcome Party and other activities.

(2) Guiding student organizations and enrich the campus culture. School guidesthe organization of the party and the league and 7 student associations to carry out a variety of campus cultural activities, such as the Welcome Party, 'Reading Month', 'Student Experience Exchange',  'Information Literacy Training Camp', the Mid-Autumn Poetry Party (for both teachers and students), Sportsand Culture Festival, '30 days of habit formation' and soon.


To promote the seamless interface between the laboratory and the student community, school held the Nanjing University public welfare volunteer service contest, and gradually become a new brand of volunteer service, cultivate a special volunteer service project. To the Feed-back Group as a force for life, lead students into the community, primary and secondary schools, carry out 'Heyuan Kindergarten Reading Corner', 'Visit and Accompany empty nester', 'Class at Four-thirty' 'Party and the Mass Advocate Filial Duty in Xianlin Service Center ' and other voluntary service activities.

To Improve the students 'acquisition'

(1) Giving academic support. 'In class', we pay attention to the attendance of students' core classes; 'under class' we communicate with the instructor about the student's academic completion; 'before the exam' we conduct academic counseling and talks with students with academic difficulties, and urge students to take the exam on time; 'after the exam' Analyze the reasons for the unsatisfactory results with the students in time and formulate a study plan. Give full play to the role of student team and make progress together. Focusing on students' academic difficulties, we will focus on learning and sharing activities and academic report activities, invite full-time teachers to share academic paper writing skills, and conduct peer tutorsharing sessions, etc., to provide students with full, comprehensive,and full-time support for their studies.

(2) Promoting the education of academic science and innovation. Carry out activities such as 'Thematic Report on the Growth Process of Excellent Young Scholars' and 'Symposium on Double Innovation Education' to actively promote the integration of students' double innovation projects and teacher projects, and encourage students to enter the research group earlier. Establish a team of' innovative entrepreneurship assistant mentors' and organize 'institution-wide innovation and entrepreneurship seminars', 'entrepreneur experience sharing' and other activities. Taking the undergraduate innovation training program as an example, the number is increasing year by year. In 2018, 10 projects were established (5 at the national level, 2 at the provincial level, and 3 at the school level). In 2019, 21 projects were established, involving many fields such as culture, science,technology, business, and medicine.

Combine the curriculum with various discipline competitions and support teachers and students to participate in the 'Challenge Cup', 'Citi Cup', 'Internet +' and other innovation and entrepreneurship competitions. In recent years we organized many teams to participate in the 'Challenge Cup' and won the National Bronze Award ,such as First prize of provincial competition,first prize of school competition, etc. The students also won the first prize of the American University Mathematical Modeling Contest, the second prize of the Chinese Graduate Mathematical Modeling Contest, and the first prize of the '5G+Bank Robot' Application Contest for students from Asia-Pacific universities.

(3) Promoting practical education. Integrate resources and promote the practice of' four cooperations'. One is intra-school cooperation.Co-construction and co-creation with schools, joint construction of Tencent Internet Ten Research Center; launching a public welfare volunteer contest; second, school-field cooperation. Work with local governments to build innovative platforms for collaborative practiceand education. Invite the Secretary of the Party Committee of Mafu Street Community as an outside-school mentor of the college. Carry out co-construction activities with Hongwu Road Sub-district. Combine the enrollment propaganda to Zunyi No. 4 Middle School to carry out 'Feng Yu Ban Fei' teaching activities, and get the title of Top Ten Social Practice Team; Third, carry out school-enterprise cooperation. In recent years, teachers and students have been organized to visit more than 30 enterprises and institutions such as Jinling Petrochemical, China Mobile Jiangsu Branch, Tencent, and Huawei to carry out the special practice of 'Smart China-Reviewand Prospect of 70 Years of Information Development in New China', 11 teachers guided the team throughout the tour, visited more than 20 well-known enterprises and institutions such as Tencent, Baidu, Reading, Guizhou Big Data Administration, etc., to form a report of more than 100,000 words, which was awarded the provincial excellent practice team. The fourth is the combination of research and application. The college guides 7 societies, 1 theoretical learning society, 1 public welfare society, 1 interest society, and 4 academic societies. It is committed to cultivate students' national feelings,inspire students to take responsibility, and guide students to cultivate themselves.

(4) Promoting career and employment education. Ensure the quality of employment, do a good job in guiding graduates' employment philosophy, employment guidance and psychological counseling, enhance graduates' competitiveness in employment, strengthen the construction of the job market, optimize employment environment services, and strengthen support for students with three difficulties. Establish and improvethe whole-school guidance mechanism: build the 'trust management',  'research online' public account columns, carry out practical combat training; invite outstanding alumni, company HR experience sharing, employment skills guidance and other activities. The college was awarded the Advanced Group of Employment in 2019.

To make students feel “warm”

(1) Mental health education.

We strengthen psychological professional training, set up a life committee concurrently as a psychological committee system, and actively organize and participate in the school's mental health festival series of activities; help students solve the confusion of new students' enrollment, interpersonal communication, dating and career planning; carry out training and exchange of psychological committeeand student cadres, Such as card games, etc. We care about the students around oneself and lead the students to live a sunny life.

(2) Funding work

We focus on doing well in 'assessment of scholarships', 'work-study assistance', etc. We have formulated a growth planning table for the assisted students, which is designed from multiple angles of moral education, intellectual education, physical education, aesthetic education, practical education, etc. Our purpose has developed from alleviating financial pressure, studying pressure,life pressure to supporting life and the development of intelligence and ambition. The extension of activities has expanded from campus to society. Taking the opportunity of the 10th anniversary of  the establishment of the Nurturing Academy as the opportunity, we carried out special research symposiums and essay writing activities on the theme of 'The Story of Me and Nurturing'.

In contrast to the new situation and new requirements, student activities serve theconstruction of disciplines and serve the growth of students, making greater contributions to the construction of the 'First NJU' and the construction of 'First-class Disciplines'.