Eight faculty members received funding of special projects supported by Nanjing University


March 2020, according to the notice of Nanjing University on the application of the special project on the improvement of the system and mechanism for the prevention and control of Major Epidemic, eight teachers have been granted this special project after the active mobilization and careful organization of our school, accounts for a quarter of the total number of projects.

The eight teachers are: Wu Jianhua, Zhang Bin, Ke Qing, Hu Guangwei, Shi Jin, Ding Xiaowei, Yan Jiaqi and Li Gang. Their projects mainly focus on this major epidemic, putting forward some relevant policies and suggestions from improving the information mechanism of crisis risk prevention and control, the function mechanism of government electronic service system, the construction of archives and resources of major epidemic situation, the technical support of blockchain to push forward the management of medical devices, the construction of precise information service system, the prevention and control of public health events and public opinion risks based on the trusted big data & artificial intelligence of blockchain, the analysis of strategic information demand of epidemic situation prevention and control, and the information situation perception system, etc.

Our school has been paying close attention to the major strategic needs of the country, giving full play to its disciplinary advantages, taking the collection, organization, analysis and utilization of information as its outstanding characteristics, and making its due contribution in this public health emergency.