lDepartment of Information Management Science

The Department of Information Management Science has one undergraduate majorInformation Management & Information Systems, and offers a comprehensive range of degree programs from Bachelor to PhD levels in the areas (courses) of Information analysis, Information retrieval, Information management, Advanced database, etc. It has one undergraduate majors Information Management and Information Systems,  and is also transforming to cover data science and technology (DS&T) courses including Principles of data science, Machine learning, Natural language processing, Thinking in data, etc. It attracts and nurtures global scholars through excellence in research, teaching and learning, and knowledge exchange.

The department aims to:

(1)Be leading in information management, data sciences and technologies,

(2)Cultivate both managers and IT professionals with up-to-date training and frontier knowledge, and

(3)Fulfill the needs of IT practical knowledge in the fast growing world.

The academic teachers (doctoral/master supervisors) have diverse research interests in the areas of information science, data science, business intelligence, machine learning, electronic commerce, electronic government, health informatics, digital humanities and social network analysis among others.

The current head of the Department is Associate professor Lele Kang.



lDepartment of Library and Archive Sciences

The predecessor of the Department of Library and Archive Science was the Library Science Program of Jinling University in 1927, the cradle of library science education of China. At present, the Department has formed a multi-level teaching system of undergraduate, master, doctor and postdoctoral. It has two undergraduate majors, library science and archives science.

Library science and archives science are specialized subjects that study the collection, organization, management and utilization of knowledge and information. The research fields of the department include theory of library science, theory of archive science, bibliography, information resources construction, knowledge organization and knowledge management, information retrieval and service, digital archives, social science evaluation, national reading promotion and so on.

The department provides a large number of professional talents for the construction of books, documents and information technology. Many professors, doctoral directors, department heads, library directors, archives directors and research librarians in China are graduates of this department.

The current head of the Department is Associate professor Huan Xie.


lDepartment of Publishing Science

As early as 1987, the School began to cultivate graduate students in publishing. The school formally enrolled undergraduates in major of Editing and Publishing in 1993,  The Department has established a complete hierarchical education system of Publishing Science including undergraduate, graduate, doctoral and short-term training programs. In 2012, Nanjing University established the Academy of Publishing of Nanjing University to promote the publishing studies. In addition, the Secretariat of the National Steering Committee for Professional Degree of Publishing Program is located in the Department.

The research fields of the department include publishing theory, history of contemporary publishing, publishing education, publishing management, digital publishing, intelligent publishing, international publishing, et al. The Department has also organized a variety of academic forums, such as the Academic Forum for Graduate Students Majoring in Publishing in the Yangtze River Delta region, the Special Seminar for Key Teachers of Graduate Education of National Publishing Professional Degrees. The Department has established good interactive relationship with famous universities, such as Harvard University, University of Cambridge, University of Melbourne and so on.

The current head of the Department is Professor Zhiqiang Zhang.