The School of Information Management is one of the pioneers in Information Management education in China. As the rapid development and constant outstanding performance, the school won high reputation both inside and outside the country. For example, the discipline named “Library, Information and Archive Management” represents the highest quality of LIS schools in China, which is voted as a candidate of world outstanding disciplines in National Outstanding Discipline Support Plan, and ranked A+ place in the discipline evaluation in China in 2017. Besides that, Information Science of our school is a National Key Discipline in 2007, “Library, Information and Archive Management” is a superiority discipline in Jiangsu Province in 2014. What’s more, our school plays a very important role in LIS community, it contains many steering academic organizations such as the Secretariat Office of Education Directive Committee for Professional Master of Publishing, the Strategy Consultant and Secretariat Office of Education for Secrecy Science, and so on.

Since 1913, the more than 100 years’ history has seen the rapid development of our school. We first offered library courses in China in 1913, then set up departments in 1927. Yizheng Liu, Xiaoshi Hu, Zhongfan Chen, Kan Huang, Shi Gu, Nanyang Qian, Xiaoyuan Li, Youfeng Hong, Guojun Liu, Guoding Wan, Tingyong Shi, Zhiqian Dai, Jiazhi Zhu, Zhibai Gui and so on, who had taught here successively bringing the rich cultural heritage and tradition for the school. After the restoration of discipline construction in 1978, Zhusheng Xu, Zhiren Zou, Qi Huang, Guchao Shen and other successive leaders and deans, inherited the past and opened future, strengthened innovation step by step, highlighted our own characteristics, persevered in highlevel development. When coming into information era, we renamed our department as Information Management in 1992, upgraded into School of Information Management and joined the iSchools in 2011.In 2020, the school consists of more than 60 faculties and staffs, a number of leading scientists and more than 800 students. 3 Chang Jiang Scholars, 1 Academician of European Academy of Sciences and Arts, and 1 Senior Professor of Nanjing University formed the leaders team of our school, and followed by another 11 outstanding professors who are voted as chairman or vice-chairman in various national academy boards. Recent years, more and more young elites who got PhD degrees abroad are rushing into our school, injecting fresh but dynamic and international energies into our school.

A saying says that a tree has to strike a firm root before it can flourish. A river has to have a fully dredged source before it can flow unceasingly far, which implicated the philosophy and pedagogy of our school. The spirit of information management science is multidiscipline and application science, thus it has to integrate and merge computer science, information science , social science, management science and even humanity science into new knowledge to create new values and collaborative innovations. We are frequently promoted by the significant advances in information technology and widespread application of new business, accordingly we have to incorporate our professional curriculum design so that the subject knowledge is synchronized with the development of innovative technologies; we are always concerned with organizational and social changes and have the ability to respond to the needs of national strategies, policies, governance and operation, to provide think-tank services for our country in the strategic analysis, public policy research, intelligence work, etc.

We are proud of the achievements we have made for the school, and are proud of the scholars who created history of the school in the past. We are grateful to the alumni and social colleagues who are always concerned about the development of our school. We also sincerely expect the young talents to come to apply a job and young students to come to study in our school and we will extend deepest welcome to you!