Jiangsu Provincial Science and Technology Coordination Research and Propaganda Department leader came to our department[2019-03-06]

     On the afternoon of March 4th, the provincial Department of coordination and research and propaganda, Fanyinhong, deputy researcher Jinlei, deputy director of Houfei, came to investigate our department. Professor Jiangyingchun, Party Secretary of our college, Prof. Zhuqinghua, Vice Dean Professor Li Gang, Prof. Yanghaiping and Prof. Yuanqinjian participated in the research symposium.

      Professor Zhuqinghua reported on the progress of research in the field of innovative culture and showed the results of the collection of data on the academic growth of old scientists and the survey of the status of science and technology workers in the province. Professor Li Gang introduced the progress and achievements of the China Think Tank Index(CTTI) jointly established by the China Think Tank Research and Evaluation Center of Nanjing University and the Guangming Daily Think Tank Research and Distribution Center.

      In the end, the participants have conducted in-depth exchanges and expressed the vision of resource sharing, win-win cooperation, and cooperation.