The Institute holds an academic lecture on "Indexing of Degree Papers and Formulation of National Standards"[2018-12-20]

On December 18, 2018, a special lecture on "Research on thesis indexing and national standards development" sponsored by the School of Information Management of Nanjing University was held in the conference room of the Changshu Institute of Technology. Dr. Wangyage, a research librarian of the Institute of Information Technology and Director of the Institute of Index Research, was invited to serve as a guest speaker. The lecture was chaired by Yejiyuan, a distinguished professor of Nanjing University and doctoral tutor of the School of Information Management. The doctoral student of the School of Information Management and some young teachers attended the meeting and listened to the report.

Wangyage summed up the role and value of the index in a comprehensive and in-depth way. He said that especially in the context of the era of big data and network information, fast-paced and fragmented reading methods have become a trend, and indexes are the precise and fast search tools that readers need. However, due to the differences in thinking and the contempt of ideas at this stage, the development level of China's index business needs to be improved. To this end, Wangyage proposed to build an index team, build an index information platform, promote the integration of academia, publishing circles, and index circles, and form a series of innovative and practical measures such as authors, editors, and indexers. He believes that in order to advance the index work and implement the index standards and norms, we should pay attention to cultivating and improving the index consciousness of the new research force of academic research, and introduce the index specification into the writing of degree papers. In the lecture, Wangyage demonstrated and directed the online indexing platform developed by his team, which inspired the interest and enthusiasm of the participating teachers and students to learn indexing.

Under the sharing, inspiration and guidance of Wangyage, the participating teachers and students held heated discussions on the development of the index, the working mechanism, the talent approach, the technical bottleneck, and the future vision of the platform. Finally, Professor Yejiyuan summed up the important role of the index in facilitating the retrieval of information and helping to improve the quality of papers, and put forward suggestions and hopes for the promotion of the index in key universities and graduate schools to encourage collaborative innovation. We will jointly promote the development of China's index business.