The extended exploration of "block chain + artificial intelligence and financial innovation" classroom teaching: "face to face with experts"[2019-01-08]

On the afternoon of December 23, 2018, the extension of the classroom teaching of "Block Chain + Artificial Intelligence and Financial Innovation"-`` Face to Face with Experts "was successfully held in the 222 classroom of the teaching building of the Drum Tower Campus of Nanjing University.

This event was supported by the School Affairs Office. It was jointly organized by Nanjing University Block Chain Artificial Intelligence Financial Technology Group, Programming Enthusiast Research Institute, Nanjing University Block Chain + Financial Club, Hyperledger China Technology Working Group, and Huafu Technology Co., Ltd.. It is organized by Associate Professor Dingxiaowei, the keynote speaker of "Block Chain + Artificial Intelligence and Financial Innovation" at the school level. The guests of the event included celebrities from the Hyperidger community, Huawei, Suning, ZTE, and Jiangsu Bank. More than 50 people, including block chain practitioners, research scholars and students, attended the meeting. The participants had a wonderful sharing and in-depth exchange on the application of block chains in finance and government affairs, as well as the test methods for the performance of block chains, and the development trends of technology.

The successful organization of the event demonstrated the research and practical achievements of industry people in promoting the in-depth integration of finance, information technology, and mathematical statistics. It reflects the effective connection of block chains with finance and breaking the barriers between traditional finance and block chains. effort. Experts said that this for the college personnel training, and enterprises can achieve win-win. People in the industry can combine their own realities to allow students to benefit from face-to-face exchanges.