2018 Yangtze River Delta Region Publishing Professional Graduate Academic Forum successfully held in our college[2018-11-12]

    From November 9th to 11th, the "2018 Yangtze River Delta Publishing Professional Graduate Academic Forum" was successfully held in our college. This year's forum is sponsored by the school, and the secretariat of the Graduate Education Steering Committee of the College and Publishing Institute and the National Publishing Professional Degree. Wu Jun, vice president of the school graduate school, distinguished professor of Changjiang scholars, and Professor Jiangyingchun, Secretary of the Party Committee of our college, addressed the main forum. The opening ceremony and keynote report of this forum will be presided over by Professor Zhangzhiqiang, Executive Vice President of the Institute of Publishing and Research, and Vice Chairman of the National Graduate Education Steering Committee of Publishing Specialty.

    At the opening ceremony, Prof. Wu Jun, Prof. Jiangyingchun, and Deputy Director of Graduate Education Department of Jiangsu Provincial Department of Education, Ms. Liujiangtao, Deputy Director of Jiangsu Provincial Degree Office, Master of Publishing Part-time Instructor of Nanjing University, Director of Office of Phoenix Publishing Group, and Author Qizhi respectively delivered speeches. They shared their own ideas and experiences from the social values of publishing, the education of graduate students in publishing, and the transformation and development of publishing disciplines, and proposed better joint construction of an academic community for publishing and scientific research. We will continue to provide more intellectual support for the country's needs and social progress. Professor Yanghaiping of the Department of Publishing Science, Associate Professor Wuyan, Associate Professor Wangpengtao, and Liuhuoxiong attended this forum.

    A total of more than 50 papers were selected at this forum. The themes include publishing theory and history, publishing education and discipline construction, publishing practice, big data, artificial intelligence and its publishing applications, and emerging publishing research. Teachers and students from Zhejiang University, Fudan University, East China Normal University, Shanghai University of Technology, Suzhou University, Anhui University and other institutions participated in the forum. The forum also attracted teachers, students, and editors of universities and publishing institutions such as Taiwan Political University, Beijing Normal University, Henan University, Nanchang University, China Construction Industry Publishing House, and China Science and Technology Publishing Media Co., Ltd.. Everyone gathered together to witness the flourishing of the publishing discipline. All selected papers were submitted to the forum for sharing and exchange, and were carefully commented by academic and industry experts. Many participants said that the harvest was rich and inspired.