Weina HUA

Weina HUA

Professional Title:  Professor


Department:  Department of Information Management Science

Office Room:  302


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Research Fields

1.Information Retrieval

2.Information Resource Collection and Analysis


Master of Library Science

Doctor of History


English Information Retrieval

Scholar Information Resource on Web


Investigation and Analysis of the Humanities and Social Science Research of Key Libral Art University into the World.The Ministry of education, humanities and Social Science Research Fund.


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Weina Hua et al.Professional English of Library and Information Science.Nanjing University Press,2009

Weina Hua.Retrieval and Usage of Scholar Information Resource on Web.National Defense Industry Press,2002


Weina Hua; Yu Li; Shunbo Yuan.A quantitative analysis of Antarctic related articles in humanities and social sciences appearing in the world core journals.Scientometrics,2014,7,100

Weina Hua,Shunbo Yuan,Miaomiao Yan,Yu Li. A quantitative analysis of Arctic related articles in the humanities and social sciences appearing in the world core journals.Scientometrics,2012,91,3

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Weina Hua.Comparison between P. R. China& U. S. A. on Research Methods, Subjects, Objects and Quantitative.Journal of the China Society for Scientific andTechnical Information,1997,1

Social Activities

Director of China Society of Indexers