Shiyan OU

Shiyan OU

Professional Title:  Professor


Department:  Department of Library and Archive Science

Office Room:  323


Office Telephone:  

Mobile Phone:  13770597415

Research Fields

  1. Natural Language Processing and Text Mining 

  2. Semantic Web Technologies and Digital Libraries  


        bachelor  in Donghua University,1989          

master  in Donghua University,1993         

doctor of Information Science in Nanyang Technological University,2001

Visiting Scholar of Information and Language Processing in University of Wolverhampton,2006


  1. Web Intelligence Technologies (undergraduate students)

  2. Library Digital resource management technology (undergraduate students)

  3. Natural Language Processing and Text Mining  (master students)

  4. Doctoral frontier courses  (PhD students)


  1. QALL-ME (Question Answering Learning technologies in a multiLingual and Multimodal Environment)(), research project of EU,2006
  2. Research on Linked Data-based Semantic Digital Libraries(10YJA870014),Fund Project of Ministry of Education of Humanities and Social Science  ,2010
  3. Research on Design and Application of SOA-based Terminology Registries and Terminology Services(11BT0023),The national social science fund project ,2011


Shiyan Ou.Text Summarization in Digital Libraries: Development and Evaluation of a Multi-document Summarization Method for Research Abstracts,Saarbrücken, Germany: VDM Verlag Dr. Müller:2009


  1. Shiyan Ou, Christopher S. G. Khoo, &?Dion Hoe-Lian Goh.Automatic multidocument summarization of research abstracts: Design and user evaluation.Journal of the American Society for Information Science and Technology,2007,58,10
  2. Shiyan Ou, Christopher S. G. Khoo, &?Dion Hoe-Lian Goh.Design and development of a concept-based multi-document summarization system for research abstracts. Journal of Information Science,2008,34,3
  3. Shiyan Ou.Design and application of SOA-based terminology registries and terminology service.Journal of Library Science in China,2011,37,5
  4. Shiyan Ou.Design and Implementation of a Linked Data-oriented Framework for Resource Description and Organization in Semantic Digital Libraries.Journal of Library Science in China,2012,38,6
  5. Shiyan Ou.A Review of Foreign Terminology Registries and Terminology Services.Journal of Library Science in China,2014,40,5
  6. Shiyan Ou.An Entailment-based Question Answering Method in a Restricted Domain. Journal of the China Society for Scientific andTechnical Information ,2011,30,5



  1. excellent talents in the new century ,The ministry of education(2009)
  2. The Third Level Education Object The Fourth Phase of the "333 High-level Personnel Training Project" in Jiangsu Province,Jiangsu Province(2011)

Social Activities

  1. Editorial Board Member Journal of Information Science Theory and Practice  
  2. Program Committee Member of The International Conference of the Florida Artificial Intelligence Research Society 
  3. Program Committee Member of The International Conference on Asia-Pacific Digital Libraries ?ICADL?