Professional Title:  Associate Professor


Department:  Department of Library Science and Archives

Office Room:  305

Email:  chenming@nju.edu.cn

Office Telephone:  

Mobile Phone:  

Research Fields

1.Library Service

2.Journal Evaluation and Open Access


Master of Library Science from Nanjing University in 2003.

Doctor of Library Science from Nanjing University in 2010.

Visiting Scholar in University of North Texas in 2014.


Knowledge Innovation and Academic Norms

Investigation of Market Information

Printing and Proofreading

Management of Multimedia Electronic Publication


The Service System’s Constructing and Evaluating of E-books in Library(13CTQ013),The youth project of National Social Science Fund,2013

The Research of Evaluation and Utilization about E-books in Academic Library(2013SJD870012),Philosophy and social science research projects in Jiangsu Province Office of education in Colleges and Universities,2013


YANG Haiping, CHEN Ming. Marketing Informatics, Nanjing: Nanjing University Press,2014


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