Guangwei HU

Guangwei HU

Professional Title:  Professor


Department:  Department of Information Management Science

Office Room:  214


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Research Fields

1.Data Resource Management


3.MIS and Software Engineering


Doctor of Management Information System in Southeast University

Interactive Computing in Georgia Institute of Technology


Study on the Modernization Construction of Punishing and Preventing System in Jiangsu Province(2014ZDIXM004).Philosophy and social science research project of Department of Education in Jiangsu Province.2014

Emprical Research on the Impact Facors of E-Government Service Capacity (70803018/G0306).The youth project of National Natural Science Fund

(2010ZDIXM019).Philosophy and social science research projects in Jiangsu Province Office of education in Colleges and Universities.2010

Emprical Research on the Impact Facors of E-Government Service Capacity(08JC870006).General Humanities and Social Science Project of the Ministry of Education.2008


Guangwei Hu, Yun Wu.E-Government Service Management: Theory and Methods.Science Press:2014


Guangwei Hu, Weijun Zhong, Shu-e Mei.The Function of E-Government in Adjusting the Dissymmentry of Public Information.China Soft Science Magazine,2003,10

Guangwei Hu, Wenwen Pan, Rihong Gu.Empirical Research on E-Gov Service and Its Applied Mode.Journal of Intelligence,2010,29,3

Guangwei Hu, Weijun Zhong, Shu-e Mei.Empirical study on strategic planning method of electronic public service.Journal of Management Sciences in China,2008,11,3


The Ninth Philosophy Social Sciences Outstanding Achievement of Colleges in Jiangsu Province :(2014)

 Philosophy social science achievement in Jiangsu Province:(2012)


New Century Talent Supporting Project:education ministry

Social Activities

Editorial Member of Journal of Service Science and Management

Editorial Member of Modern Management

Editorial Member ofInformation System Management